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The below link is a direction to collective initiatives that speak for "What Ifs", appealing to us for tolerance as its never too late.
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The following links represent a collection of memorable life's extraordinary experiences, events that indulge to sustain us.
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The below link is dedicated for use to all those aspiring writers who wish to exemplify their skills. Discovery is fleeting, but...You Never Can Tell.
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About US: (Thoughts on the Threshold)

I envisioned this Web site for a long time. My home page hopefully expresses my intentions simply and sincerely.

These past years I have reflected on a way to somehow preserve our life’s extraordinary experiences because the thought of losing them to faded memory to me seemed tantamount to denying history its rightful place.

I also reflected on my own life and asked myself a few questions:

What contribution have I made to repay this gift I’m experiencing—long life?
Was my love expressed sincerely to those that I was important to?
Have I made a distinctive difference to my family and friends?
Have I counseled well?
If these questions awaken in me doubts, could I have better prepared for them?

Thoughts on the Threshold is my attempt to overcome those doubts by contending that it’s never too late to make a contribution.

Preserving memories unselfishly will be my contribution at this threshold in my life.


Joseph Franek
5/16/08 (Age 78)