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The below link is a direction to collective initiatives that speak for "What Ifs", appealing to us for tolerance as its never too late.
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The following links represent a collection of memorable life's extraordinary experiences, events that indulge to sustain us.
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The below link is dedicated for use to all those aspiring writers who wish to exemplify their skills. Discovery is fleeting, but...You Never Can Tell.
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I have witnessed at times it seems my entire life listening to incredible stories of friends, family and the occasional stranger. Such stories relate experiences that in most cases are so extraordinary that the idea of losing them to faded memory seems, not only sad, but discourteous, bad-mannered, and oblivious to the basic human instinct of caring. Sadly, some of these friends and family I know are no longer with us.
What happens to their memories?
Your memories?
Who will keep these life experiences alive for you, for them?
Who will continue telling your incredible adventures?
Who will listen?
Who will care?
We care!
Thoughts on the Threshold.

Our purpose—one only—is to serve as executive custodian and keeper, archiving and protecting your experiences.

Find out more.
Is your experience incredible enough to save?

If the answer is YES, contact us!

Consider this …
If you have had an incredible experience or know someone who has, what will you or they do to insure its remembered?
Write a book?
Probably not.
For most of us, the memory of our incredible life-experiences fades with the cruelty of time and age.
But, for a moment imagine this:

Thoughts on the Threshold, a website designed for one purpose and for one purpose only, to archive for posterity your memories.  I’m sure you will agree when you hear this, that the most unbelievable part of this process is its structured pricing: there is none, it’s FREE.

Your submission will be edited and archived according to category, based on its subject matter, at no charge.

If your experience fits any of our profiles, we will publish it on our Web site and issue you a finder code that corresponds to its location in our database where it is archived permanently for viewing and sharing at your discretion, no charge.

Ownership of your submissions is always yours and yours alone, we are only and simply the guardians, no charge.

Is this incredible?

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